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Pre-Paid & Pre-arranged Funerals

Peace of mind with planning your funeral

More and more people are using the planned and prepaid funeral idea to ensure peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones … and that they can depart this world in the way they want to.

At Prestige Funerals we are keen supporters of people taking personal control of planning and paying for their funerals in this way for two reasons. The first is that it provides you with an element of certainty and peace of mind at a critical point in life when you really want to focus on other matters.  The second is that we have seen so many times how it makes a very stressful time much easier for those left behind.

Planning your funeral and paying for it ahead of time really makes sense when you think about it — just as it makes sense to have life insurance and a Will.

A funeral plan is an extension of a Will. Your prepayment is a trust investment that ensures that funds are available the moment they are needed.


Benefits of planning and prepayment 

  • You know you can have the funeral you wish for in your own, individual style, surrounded by the people you wish to be there.
  • Your loved ones are relieved of the responsibility of planning, managing, and most of all, finding the money to pay for a funeral at a troubling time for them.
  • You pay the full price of the funeral you want at today’s prices.  The trust investment ensures the funeral you have planned is protected from inflation.  There is nothing more to pay — ever.
  • You know your money is safe.  It is underwritten by Foresters Financial .
  • Planning and prepayment provide certainty.  It doesn’t matter that prices increase over the years, it won’t affect you if you have paid the total price in full.
prepaying a funeral