Prestige Funerals

Funeral Services

Types of Services

Prestige Funerals tailor funeral services and fees to suit your needs and maintain the highest standard, whilst looking after the smallest details.

Single Service

• A single service funeral can take place at our chapel, a church, crematorium chapel, at the graveside or a special place to suit your loved ones personality.

Dual Service

• This style of funeral begins with a service at a church, chapel or other venue followed by a procession to the cemetery or crematorium where there is a final committal ceremony.

Unattended / No service cremation

• This style of cremation is perfect for families whose loved one didn’t want a funeral service. A memorial service can take place at a time that is convenient for the family if desired. 

Other Services

• Experienced and caring staff will handle all the arrangements associated with the funeral
• We consult with you at your home or at our funeral home, whichever is more convenient to you
• Handling arrangements with doctors, coroner, clergy, celebrant, hospitals, cemetery and crematorium
• Provision of prestige funeral vehicles
• Funeral notices
• Prepaid funerals available
• Pensioner discounts apply

funeral services

Choosing Who to Perform the Service

There are many different people to choose from when searching for an officiator for a funeral service, from religious clergy to celebrants. Whoever you choose will play a large part in shaping the overall dynamics of the service.

Religious Clergy

If your loved one was a member of a church, they would most likely want you to ask a pastor, minister or priest from their church to officiate the service. We can contact them on your behalf.
If the deceased had no contact with a church, you should ask family members to help decide or you may want us to recommend a minister.

Civil Celebrant

Prestige Funerals work closely with several funeral celebrants who we can recommend. The most important consideration is a funeral celebrant you feel comfortable with, and who is prepared to listen to you and act on your wishes.